Sync for iPhone™


 L’applicazione Sync for iPhone consente di sincronizzare i contatti fra la vostra casella email professionale e il vostro iPhone.  Nel vostro telefono deve essere installato un firmware uguale o superiore alla versione 2.2.
Consigliamo di stipulare un contratto telefonico dati flat prima di cominciare ad utilizzare IPhone sync.  L’applicazione è compatibile con gli apparecchi che utilizzano il sistema operativo iPhone OS 4.�
The Sync for iPhone application allows you to sync contacts between your Email account and your iPhone. Your iPhone must be running firmware version 2.2 or newer. You will also need a data-transfer plan from your service provider. Note: Sync for iPhone is not compatible with devices using iPhone OS 4.


  • Sync for Iphone sincronizza solo i contatti. Apple non consente l’accesso al calendario o alle note.
    Sync for iPhone will sync your contacts only. Apple does not allow access to their calendar and notes applications.
  • Normalmente non è possibile sincronizzare più di 1500 contatti. Depending on the over-the-air data transfer rate, as well as the processing speed of the iPhone itself, you may not be able to successfully sync more than 1500 contacts.
  • L’applicazione non può essere configurata in modalità autosync. Auto-sync is unavailable on the iPhone; applications cannot run in the background.
  • Sync for iPhone is licensed from Funambol. The plug-in is customized to work well with our service. The client is not guaranteed to work as intended when used with services hosted by other providers. The default Funambol client may not work with our service.

Installazione del  the Plug-in IPhone Sync

Nel sito  iPhone App store cercate l’applicazione “Noteworthy-Sync”  il download è gratuito.  Appena scaricata l’applicazione “Sync” apparirà nella schermata principale
Search for “Noteworthy-Sync” in the iPhone App Store to access the free download for the Rackspace Email-Sync Client. After download, the app will appear as “Sync” on the home screen.

Configurazione del Plug-In

L’installazione è semplicissima: cliccate sull’icona sync, automaticamente apparirà la richiesta del vostro indirizzo email completo e della vostra password, inseriteli: la configurazione è finita.

  1. On home screen, tap the Sync app button.
  2. If this is the first time you have run the app, you will be taken directly to the account configuration screen. In the Username field, enter your entire email address (e.g., myname@mydomain.com).
  3. In the Password box, enter the password for your email account.
  4. Tap the Done button.
  5. Tap the Settings button.

Utilizzo del  Plug-In
Cliccate sull’icona Sync e successivamente suk frosso pulsante Sync contacts   To sync manually, perform the following steps:

  1. On the home screen, tap the Sync app button.
  2. Tap the large Sync Contacts button.

Note: You must leave the application open while synchronization is running. To cancel the sync, press your iPhone’s Home button.

Upgrading the Plug-In
The plug-in will automatically check for updates when you open the application. When an update is available, you will be notified by a pop-up, and you must use the App Store to download the new version (see the “Installing the Plug-in” section).

Recovering Lost Data
The plug-in can restore lost data to and from our server.

  1. On the home screen, tap the Sync app button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap the Recover button.
  4. To indicate the direction for the restoration, either to or from our servers, tap the Direction button.
  5. Make sure Contacts is switched to On.
  6. Tap the Begin button. You will be returned to the main screen, and a synchronization will begin.

Note: Recovering data to our servers will not restore fields not supported by the iPhone that may have been synchronized from another source.


Synchronizing the Company Directory

  1. On the home screen, tap the Sync app button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap the Details button.
  4. Drag the Company Directory switch to On.

Important: If you ever disable company directory sync, you should immediately perform a recover of your contacts from the server (see the “Recovering Lost Data” section). Failure to do so can result in your company directory data being added to your personal contacts.

Using the Error Log

Sync for iPhone collects diagnostic information during a sync. To manage these logs, perform the following steps:

  1. On the home screen, tap the Sync app button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap the Log button.
  4. To change the log level, tap the Log Level button. If you are sending logs to support, please set the level to Debug and reproduce the problem you are experiencing.
  5. To view the log, tap the View Log button.
  6. To send the logs to our support team, tap the Send Log button. After doing this, you will receive an email with instructions for how to request support.

Uninstalling the Plug-In

  1. On the home screen, tap and hold the Sync app button.
  2. A small X should appear in a circle on the Sync icon. To delete the app, tap the X circle. You will be prompted to confirm.